Death Doesn’t Scare Me

I’m composing this, sitting in the Prince George ICU, helping a friend go through end of life with her husband.

I’ve discovered that death doesn’t scare me anymore.  It may, again in the future, but right now, I can sit beside her, loving her, being support for her and her family and I’m not triggered the way I was worried I would be.  The way my boyfriend was worried I would be.

My heart hurts.  I’m infinitely sad for her, for his daughter, for their family.

Memories I had forgotten are resurfacing.

But this isn’t devastating me the way it could have.

I am amazingly grateful for the support I’ve been given, for being able to clearly see, while I sit here what would be most helpful and when.

Death is part of life.  To paraphrase my doctor…. we are not human beings on a spiritual path, we are spiritual beings on a human path. Death is our paths diverging….

RIP Jim.  May your passing be quick and peaceful.


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