I had followed the ambulance to the Hospice.   He was in the car with me, his nephew, and his mom in the ambulance with her husband.

They decided to wait at the car, no need for everyone to rush up to the door while he was being transferred into Hospice care.

The EMT’s wheeled him in through the doors, past the reception/admin desk, and down the hall to his room – Guest Room #3.

His mom and I were greeted by three incredibly caring, gentle, kind women.   They welcomed us.  They invited us in.

A few more minutes of transferring him to the hospice bed, papers handed over and he was settled.

I looked around the room.   Everything done in browns and neutrals with pops of colour on the home made quilts and crocheted blankets.

A futon was in one corner, a recliner in another, and two leather covered dining chairs for sitting bedside were under the tv directly across from the hospital bed.

The floors were dark hardwood.   There was a bathroom in the guest room – no more having to go down the hall and around the corner.

I hugged her and told her I was going out to get her son and grandson.   I’d be right back.

When I brought them in, the caregivers and the nurse for the night were in the room.   They offered us a tour of the place.

There was a lounge, with curved sofas for snuggling, some tables & chairs with puzzles, and a quiet table with two chairs for people to have tea at.

The kitchen was high end.  High ceilings, spacious, and lots of tables & chairs for everyone to sit at during meals.   There was a tv in the corner for anyone who wanted to watch.

The second lounge had another tv, sofas to sit on and lots of space.

The entire house was done in warm browns and dark mochas and espressos.   It was bright and airy and full of windows and light.

We walked in the kitchen to get coffee and the lovely lady who was giving us the tour was explaining something to him and his mom and I lost it.  I tried so hard to hold it in.  I hugged him and he hugged me back and I cried.   I sobbed.  I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t hold back the tears.

This house is so amazing, so incredibly beautiful and wonderful and warm and caring….

I wish Mark could have died there.   He deserved to die with the dignity Jim will.

I wish Mark could have had that experience.

Prince George Hospice


Prince George Hospice Society


One thought on “Hospice

  1. I’m so sorry sunnyjane – there are so many things that we have no control over once we are thrown into the whirlwind of illness, medicine, and hospitals…one quote from Soaring Hearts that continues to bring me comfort is this one: “If you have loved someone to the end of their days, know that your love mattered. Being loved right to your last breath is an incredible blessing.” xx

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