Moved to Tears

I don’t always write about the Daily Prompt; in fact most times I ignore it.  But today’s prompt – moved to tears by something beautiful…

I wrote about it the other day – about watching my boy laugh watching his kitten.

The joy in his face.  The sheer beauty of the laughter and the light that was in his eyes…

Its been so long since I’ve seen that.

I don’t cry very often.   I spend so much time being strong for my boys and for work that I almost *can’t* when I want or need to.

(Of course, I started crying at work yesterday – in front of my boss – totally different blog post)

So watching my son, seeing how much he loves his kitten, seeing the joy in his smile.  If I could have cried – I would have.  I certainly felt like there were tears under the surface.

My children are the light of my life.  If I could spare them the pain of loss, I would.  If I could ease their sorrow, I would.

I know though, that they need to go through it and find their own healing, just as I do.

And being able to find joy, that’s worth the tears.

Andrew and Kudos Turn On the Light


2 thoughts on “Moved to Tears

  1. Joanne says:

    so true… the joy in their heart can definitely bring tears of happiness… and I’m glad (after reading the previous post) that your son is doing good… all the best and warm hugs to both of you….

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