The Ring

For I don’t know how long… I’ve been wearing my wedding ring on my right hand.   His ring sits atop his urn, but my ring stays on my right ring finger.

I was wearing my family ring on my left hand – but it’s currently at the jewellers being appraised.

At work the other day, my hands were super dry, so I put some cream on them.   No biggie, right?

Except I took my ring off….

And later that day, when I was doing something else, I found the ring on my left hand.

It’s been 3 months since I’ve worn a ring on my left ring finger… so it was odd to find it there.

My left ring finger feels bare.  The right one feels odd with the ring on it.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.

I don’t feel married any more.  I’m not sure why my ring feels like it’s in the wrong spot.  But it does.

I’m trying to ignore it.  LOL

I miss being married.  I miss that “markandjane” feeling.  I don’t quite have it with Mike – it’s not mikeandjane – its Mike.  And Jane.   Maybe in time it will be mikeandjane and I’ll feel like I’m married (he has to ask me first LMFAO) but for now… I miss being married.

Maybe that’s why my ring feels weird.

Or maybe its just that 14 years of wearing a ring on my right hand can’t be undone with 3 months of bare finger.

Either way….

Mar & Jane Wedding


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