I Lost My Dog

We got our dog when he was 10 weeks old.    WE knew what kind of dog he would be – he was supposed to be my husband’s fishing companion.

A lab/husky cross, he was expected to grow up to be a good out door dog.

The problem is, he never grew out of being a lap dog.

So we had our dog – he’s 6 years old now – but for the last 3 years of Mark’s life – he and Bear were “buddies” and constant companions.

Bear was our puppy.  He was our dog.  He spent every. single. day with Mark.

When Mark worked – he went to work with him.

When Mark was home, they kept each other company.

When Bear killed a neighbourhood rabbit and we thought we might have to put him down, Mark cried.

When Mark went into the hospital, Bear sat at the bottom of the stairs and waited for him to come home.

And when Mark was able to talk, one of the first things he did was cry over his dog.

Bear was our family dog – but in reality, Bear was Mark’s dog.

Bear escaped from our yard.  Several times.  We blocked up what we thought was his method of escaping but he got out anyhow.

That was 6pm last night, and we haven’t seen him since.

My heart is breaking because I lost my dog.   I miss my dog.  I wish he was home.

He is the coolest dog – he can get his tail on command… and he DOES get it.

He’s loving and sweet and friendly and happy.

I miss him.

I want him home.

Mark and Bear



2 thoughts on “I Lost My Dog

  1. InstantWidow says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! I know you probably have, but call all Vets and Shelters in your area. Was he chipped? I hate that. I know it breaks your heart. I hope he finds his way back to you. *hugs*

  2. sunnyjane says:

    We found him. He came home last night 🙂

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