The Things You Took

I’m not talking about your love, your companionship, your presence…  but the other things.

I can’t read the last Robert Jordan book.

I can’t read the Game of Thrones series or watch the show.

Big Bang Theory is funny, yet painful.

I don’t remember the last time I read before bed.

A lot of TV holds no interest for me anymore.

Quilting and cross stitch leads to triggers.

I remember when we first got together, we were in Terrace and we were sleeping on the blue sheets – do you remember?

You wanted to get rid of them – because they were the sheets you used with “her” before me.

I wanted to keep them – they were the first sheets we slept together on.

We made better, happier memories and overwrote the unpleasant memories for you.   We wore those sheets out.

I want to find some happyness in the things I used to love.  I can’t find the joy I used to have – it’s all taken by the memories of you and what is gone.

There’s a lot of my new life that I love.  But I’m missing some essential parts of me and I don’t know how to overwrite, or at least colour the memories with something happy so that I enjoy those things again.

You took a big part of me with you.    I want some of that back.



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