I Keep Leaking

I mean.  WTF?

In the middle of work.  No major trigger.  No minor trigger that I can see. Yet there I am, sitting in my co-worker’s office, leaking.

We’re talking.  Laughing.  Comparing my grief attack to her hot flashes.

And I’m leaking.

After 20 mins – I’m like… this is ridiculous.

I don’t WANT to be leaking.  I want to be working.

So the boss comes into her office – and suggests I go for a walk.

I do, I grab chocolate.  It doesn’t help, but I ate it anyhow (and shared with the co-worker)

The walk helped, somewhat.  I was able to go to work, finish out the day and go home.

And then…. derby.

Derby rocks my world.  It makes everything right.

But I seriously need to stop the leaking.


Ok, I know it’s not going to happen….. but it could at least happen at less inopportune times…



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