Way To Trigger Myself

Facebook time while watching Walking Dead.

I’m catching up with my onefitwidow.com Questies.

I’m perusing my friends’ walls.

My friend Roxanne posts this link about Arthur.

That was an amazing transformation.

It was inspiring.

I first saw it when Mark was in the step-down unit.  I showed it to him.  Showed him what he could do.  Showed him that the world was his for the taking – that he was not going to be beaten down by this last setback.

Fuck why can’t my brain shut up when I remember something?  One memory leads to another which leads to another, which leads to… fuck.  Triggered.

Did it to myself.


Twisty.  Sucker punched.  Can’t catch my breath triggered.




All because a post (and I didn’t even watch it) bumped a memory to the top.

Arthur’s transformation IS amazing.  I wish it had been Mark’s.

Arthur's Transformation


One thought on “Way To Trigger Myself

  1. Christine says:

    You’re okay. It sucks that it was not mark. Wish it was. For you. You are somehow hanging on.

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