One Year Ago…

I was so so deep in grief… I don’t know how I managed to survive that first 6 months.

I was angry.

I was at peace.

I was all over the place.

Now… I’m just here… low level depression and sadness punctuated with deep grief and intense joy.

Not nearly as all over the place as I was, and much more relaxed about life.

I still miss you Mark.  Almost 18 months since you’ve been gone.

Mark's Urn


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. mary says:

    Oh how I relate. My husband of 47 loving yrs. went to heaven just 6 almost 7 weeks ago. I am crying while commenting and have been since his passing. The grief is unbearable but at the same time sacred. I also grieve for my adult son who lives alone. I hope he meets a woman and has a relationship like his father and me. This overwhelming grief I think will never end. My love of my life, please help me. This Christmas is just so unbearable. But at the same time I am grateful that your pain is over. I love you my wonderful, oh so kind husband.

  2. Daffodil26 says:

    I envy those who have families and friends who can comfort them. I have neither. I was widowed early this year, with a young child being assessed in the autism spectrum immediately after. It’s Christmas and loneliness is overwhelming….

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