Valentine’s 2014

Made it through.

Not that it was spectacularly hard to get through – I spent the day focussed on other things, and more or less enjoyed the day.

Found a dime from him – knowing he’s around today made it slightly easier.

And then… I found out my Aunt died.

And I just lost the good feelings.

Until my Metalhead Poet showed up at home… with flowers and chocolate.

I didn’t tell him – but it’s the first time I’ve gotten flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

It was a nice way to end the day…and now I’m off to bed.  Must get rested up for derby tomorrow – my first bout as a benchmarked skater!

I’ll be taking the memorial pendant with me – I so wanted Mark to be there with me, and I’ll take a piece of him.

Overall… Valentine’s 2014 was not overwhelmingly bad….. there were some lovely amazing parts to it… and some sadness.

Happy Valentines Day.

Valentines 2014


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