Sucker Punched by HIMYM again!!

If you haven’t watched the series finale of How I Met Your Mother… then you need to stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW.

This contains a spoiler.


Stop reading.

Adult 005

(this is a picture of my mom’s dog – kinda fuzzy but should be enough to stop you from accidentally catching a spoiler)

Ok. If you’ve insisted on reading this far… don’t say I didn’t warn you.  There ARE spoilers from last night’s How I Met Your Mother beyond this point.

I watched it this morning.  I knew it was going to be a slightly longer episode because of the last episode EVER, and I was ok with that.   I timed it correctly and managed to see it before I had to wake up kids for school (AND we’re still ready early enough to watch a show!!)

They killed her off.

Remember last year?  When Ted asked for those 45 days?  That scene makes SO much more sense now.   It does.  And it’s even more heartbreaking.

Because she dies.

Don’t get me wrong – the end of the series is pretty awesome… but it was a freaking sucker punch to realize that he lost his wife and so there I am at 6.55am, trying to get kids up and moving, snot running down my face, unable to stop crying, sniffling and holding my gut.

The thought of it still makes me tear up.

We got to see so much of their life together in the foreshadowing in this season’s episdoes.  We got to fall in love with them.

And then she’s gone.

I get it.  No one gets out of life alive.  At some point… someone is going to die and there will be a spouse left behind.

I want those 45 days back.


I want to see that look in his eyes one more time.



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