Just Need A Good Cry

Sometimes I just need a good cry.

I don’t realize it until someone says something that triggers something and suddenly I’m vomiting feelings I didn’t know I had suppressed all over them.

It happened tonight.

And I ended up crying… snotty nose… tears running down my face… and a reminder of how much he loved me.

He loved me, he loved his kids enough to give us our lives back.

I’m grateful for the 14 years we had together.  For the amazingly awesome wonderfully perfect last night we had together.  For the burst of sunlight as he left his body to carry on his path.   For the lessons he taught me.   For loving him so much that the grief overwhelms me.

I just needed a good cry tonight.



How can I not see the love in those eyes?

 Mark in Fruitvale


One thought on “Just Need A Good Cry

  1. gloriamidwife says:

    Cry on, sister. I just wrote a blog post titled “I Cried Today.” Maybe it’s in the atmosphere. Missing my husband hit me like a ton of bricks when my son told me he’s forgetting what his hugs felt like. Maybe we both needed the cry.

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