I hate that there’s so many people I talk to now who DON’T know Mark. 

He’s just Jane’s dead husband to them.

He’s not Mark, who loved fishing, who was passionate about the environment, who cried when the Cheakamus River was blown out by CN Rail, who spent countless hours on the river, who had a laugh that sounded like the alien from Flight of the Navagator, or Marty McFly, depending on what he was laughing at. 

The people I know now didn’t know his incredible strength, his dedication to his kids, his ability to see the good in everything. 

They just see a picture, a box full of stuff and a beautiful urn. 

Some days, I just want to talk to someone who knew him… and understands why he’s left such a huge void in my life. 

One thought on “Lonely

  1. Tara says:

    I know that feeling well.

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