Good-bye Wedding Dress

I had a beautiful wedding dress.

I had a beautiful wedding.

I always hoped that my daughter would wear my wedding dress – that she would walk down the aisle in it as her something “old” to be passed on to her daughter and her daughter and her daughter.

My mom didn’t have a wedding dress I could wear.

Mar & Jane Wedding

It was a gorgeous dress.   Simple.  Elegant.  Lovely beaded detailing.  So flattering.

So gorgeous.

And I was 100lbs more than my daughter is when I got married – so she will NEVER wear it.

She loves it.

But will never wear it.   And so… I donated it.

I donated it to B.C. Angel Dresses.

They take wedding/prom/whatever fancy dresses, cut them up and make tiny gowns for newborns who never get to come home.

The concept was started by an organization in Texas.

It has spread.

I found one in BC and contacted them on my wedding anniversary.   August 21 – we would have been married for 15 years.

Someone finally said… hey – I’m coming through Quesnel in October – I can pick it up then?

So today… she came by.  She ooohhhed and aaahhhed over it… and then drove away with my dress.

The dress that started my life with Mark.   The dress that I had hoped my daughter would wear.

The dress that will now embrace tiny little babies who don’t get to come home.   I don’t know how many babies it will cradle… but I’m so grateful that it will bring some measure of comfort to grieving parents.  I’m so grateful that it will cradle those babies in the love that Mark and I shared.

2 thoughts on “Good-bye Wedding Dress

  1. Marylou says:

    Such a beautiful tribute to your love…

  2. Rose Chimera says:

    I still have my wedding dress, hanging in the closet since 1998 when I got married. Thought to save it for my daughter, but if she gets married then she’ll want something different. While I was finally able to get rid of my husband’s clothes…I just can’t seem to get rid of that dress. Maybe someday…

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