And So Ends Chapter 2…

It’s funny how we have hopes and dreams.   We fall in love, stay in love, reignite the love… and love still isn’t enough.

My chapter two ended.

I love him still.  He loves me still.   But the reality is that we’re too far apart on how we communicate and how we interact.

Irreconcilable differences?

Basic incompatibilities.

He’s an awesome guy.

He’s an amazing person.

I love who he is.

But we have some basics that don’t mesh well and we fight and we argue and despite the love, despite the desire, despite the overwhelming urge to run back and beg him to find a way to make it work…  I grieve for another loss.   Another “what could have been” and another future that never will be again.

I grieve for the loss of “US” and the plans that we had.

Added to the grieving for my husband.

Just one big ball of grief these days.

But I hope we’ll be able to be friends and move forward in a positive manner… because he really is pretty freaking awesome.

We’re just not awesome together.

Letting Go Some  People Stay in your heart


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