Would You Change?

For my widda peeps. If you could… would you change the outcome? Looking at your life now, would you change what happened, alter your life as it is to have your late spouse back? Or would you leave your life as it is? I know we all miss our spouse… and for many, it’s the first year, first couple years… but especially for those who are further out… would you change it? Would you give up what you have now to have what you lost?

(These are the questions I’m pondering lately)

This is the question I posed to all my widow friends yesterday in a facebook status, and in a private group. 

The answers ranged from HELL YES!  to NO!

Most ranged somewhere in the middle.

What I found interesting was… the widows/widowers who are in a new relationship, the ones who have found their 2nd Chapter… they all said no, they wouldn’t.   But most of the singles?  Most of the ones who were still fairly connected to their deceased spouse?  They would in a heartbeat.

One gentleman, I don’t know what his situation is.   But he was one of the hell yes! people.   I assume he’s not re-coupled.

For myself?  When I was with my man who was my 2nd Chapter, the answer was no.   Before?  It was a hell yes!   Now?  I’m on the fence.

But what about you dear reader?  Would you change your life as it is NOW to get back what you HAD if you had the choice?

Tucked In MY Heart

One thought on “Would You Change?

  1. Sasha says:

    I recently loss my life partner 3 months ago, and just ran across your blog. We had been together for 9 years and just kept putting off the marriage thinking we had plenty time. He went to the emergency room on September 20th with what we thought was something minor like the flu or a bug they kept him to run test and 9 days later he was gone just like that. He had kidney cancer and was in the final stages! Everyday has been a constant struggle for me, as I move back and forth through emotions of ,shock, anger,sadness and the constant loneliness. Hoping finding your blog will offer me some sort of solace.

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