Missing Someone I Love

“I am ok with being sad about missing someone I love.”

These were words I said to my ex when I was talking to him this morning about how TimeHop was pulling back status’ and pictures from past years and they were either about him or Mark.

The one that got me was one where it was Father’s Day and we’d had a lovely cuddle, amazing conversation and beautiful connection and how much I love him.

And it made me sad.

And the ones about Mark made me sad.

Because I miss people I love.


I miss him.  I miss the good times, I miss Mark, I miss all of it.

I’m a single, widowed woman who is raising 2 boys on her own.   My daughter is begrudgingly here, helping out the best she can, but she feels like I don’t need her (I DO!! I NEED MY DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW).

And I miss those lazy Sunday mornings where I’m snuggled up to someone I love, having those amazing conversations and beautiful connections.

I miss them.

And I’m ok with being sad because of that.

I know the day will end up being a good one.  I’ve got an extra day off, I feel better, sort of, and my kids are all here.

And it’s all good.

I am a beautiful, emotional, vibrant woman who loves deeply, who grieves hard, who misses those she loves.

And that’s ok.

It's Going to be Ok Someday


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