That Moment…

You’re helping someone pack their house up and you accidentally cut yourself…

And you realize you’re hurting more than you thought because the pain felt GOOD and you want to cut yourself again…. the focused physical pain is easier to handle than the generalized emotional pain.

it’ll pass.  I know it will.   But right now I’m alone in a house that’s not mine with a very sharp knife.


One thought on “That Moment…

  1. kes799 says:

    I know that feeling. I had it shortly after my husband passed away. I wanted to feel physical pain because the emotional pain was unbearable. So, I went and got a tattoo…one that I had thought out and planned. Unfortunately the location of my tattoo was in a spot that didn’t create as much pain as I imagine but it was a moment in time where the physical pain was more apparent than the emotional pain. I am sorry 😦

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