Makes Me Sad… but you are not alone

I know how big our widowed community is.

I also know how many more don’t have someone to reach out to or choose not to.

I know how many people are alone…

But it still makes me sad to see my blog stats spike in views around Christmas.  Because I know that there’s that many more people who are lonely and missing their other half and don’t know how the future without them is going to look.

For those of you just finding my blog:

You are not alone.   You are welcome to contact me (sunnyjaneis at gmail dot com) if you need someone to talk to or listen or to just be on the other end of the phone with.

Some websites that have helped me:

Christmas without the person you were supposed to spend your life with is lonely and sad and overwhelming.  But you are not alone.

Reach out.  I have made some amazing friends because I did.

Love you all.  Have a Christmas… it may not be happy, it may not be merry, but it exists… and you’ll make it through.  I promise.  Just keep going… it does get different.  Not necessarily better, but different and easier.

IMGP5737My children and I, Christmas 2012; 6 months after Mark died.

JeremyJeremy James – grandson #1 – born January 2014 – a year and half after Mark died

Zeddicus Wellington – grandson #2 – born Dec 21 – three and half years after his death.

Life is beautiful.  Just wait for it… it may not be today… but it will be…


3 thoughts on “Makes Me Sad… but you are not alone

  1. diane says:

    This is my first christmas without my gorgeous husband and amazing dad. My boys are still in shock at the short aggressive cancer which paralysed and killed my husband within 12 weeks. I can’t look at his urn, I can’t face his cupboard or clothes. I pile the pillows up to make me feel he’s there. Life is cruel..but must go on. My boys need me to smile when they are opening theor santa stockings. Somehow somewhere I find a strength to hide my grief.

    • sunnyjane says:

      How you holding up Diane? I didn’t hide my grief. Do you have anyone around you that can be the “responsible” person while you grieve? We grieve as hard as we love… and pushing it aside now will only delay the inevitable.

      I allow myself time to grieve – plan it, sort of. Account for times I know will be hard, and make sure I do all the ugly crying… I hope you are ok…

      • Diane says: year..I’ll find some time alone..everyone asking me to go to parties but I’m staying in to reflect. This time last year we were the life and soul at a party.

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