Shit, really?

In my LPN program, we take  a course called “Variations in Health”

We get each weeks schedule, with readings attached.

So being the good little student… I want to see what the learning outcomes are and get my readings done for tomorrow.

This is part of tomorrow’s class:

  • Consider the following:
  • What are your experiences with stress? How did you cope?
  • What is your personal experience with pain? How did this impact you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and culturally?
  • Develop 2 questions for class discussion related to the stages of grieving and loss
  • Reflect on a loss you have experienced – it may be a loss of a pet, job, relationship, or the death of a friend or family member. How did it affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and culturally?
  • Define the following terms:
  • general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
  • stress
  • coping
  • emotion-focused coping
  • problem-focused coping
  • bereavement
  • grief
  • mourning
  • imagery


In Class:

  • Participate in class discussions and group activities to assist you in achieving the learning objectives for this class. You will demonstrate, discuss and examine unit learning objectives and relate to course outcomes including nursing management, client diversity, interprofessional practice and the LPN role.


Post Class Reflection:

  • What further information do I need to facilitate my understanding of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS)?
  • What is my understanding of the effects of grieving and loss on the healing process?

Shit, really?

Grief and grieving in the first class?

Mother effer.

I get it.  LPN’s deal with that a lot.  But shit, really?

Grief Is Like the Ocean


One thought on “Shit, really?

  1. I became a widow on 3/25/15 after 53 years with my husband and best friend, Mr.Bill. I have been following your posts/blog and they express so much of the grief i feel. Thank You.. You are one brave Lady, and you have a wonderful way with words and expressing how you’re dealing with grief and loss. But i did have to laugh at your comments in this post. GOOD FOR YOU! Taking this difficult challenge and seeing the ironic humor in the very first class. Hang in there. I know you will be a fantastic LPN! Good Luck and Happy New Year.

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