The Shows He Watched

There is very little that I avoid any more.  But one thing I do avoid is some of the shows he watched.  Or the shows we watched together.  Or the few shows that I would have loved to see him compete on.

One of those shows is Jeopardy.  That man had an almost idetic memory. He had bits of trivia that would put almost any of those contestants to shame.

So I don’t watch it. I don’t want to be reminded of him.

But my mother is here visiting.  And she loves the damn show.  So we watch it.  And I hurt, a little. There’s a little hitch of pain while I watch.

And at the end… I got the Final Jeopardy clue.  And I wish I’d been able to share that with him.

But I only knew the answer because he died. And I moved up here to be with someone.  And then went back to school.  And asked my teacher about it.

So I wouldn’t have known where this…


… came from.  So now…

Keep Calm

But I would have correctly answered the Final Jeopardy question…




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