Only Parenting…

That moment when you have to be the shoulder your 16 year old cries on because his first love broke his heart.

That moment when you wish, beyond all reason, that his Dad, who did the teenager thing WAY better than you ever could have, was there to hug him better.

That moment when you watch your boy morph into a man as he dries his tears, puts on a bit of a stoic face and interacts with the strangers you brought him to meet. Despite having a broken heart.

That moment when you hope you’re doing the right thing, because your best is all you have to work with.

That moment when you realize that being the only parent sucks so badly… but it’s all you’ve got.



2 thoughts on “Only Parenting…

  1. patricepdx says:

    Your best is the best thing for your son. Beautiful thoughts.

  2. Amy says:

    I needed to hear that someone else understands what I’m going through. Your post are amazing. I love that you cuss. Thank you for sharing your journey. I start year 3 tomorrow.

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