I Forgot Again

Just for a tiny second.

I’ve borrowed an audiobook of one of my favourite authors. Robert Jordan.

I was introduced to the Wheel of Time series by Mark.

He never got to read the end of the series.

Robert Jordan died.  Then Mark got sick. Then Mark died.

He never got to see Game of Thrones on TV.

He never got to see how the Wheel of Time ends.

And I just found out that there is a deal in the works to make the Wheel of Time into some sort of screen show.

“Shit I gotta tell Mark – he’ll be so… ”

Fuck he’s dead.  Can’t tell him. He’s never gonna see it.

Those thoughts happen in a matter of milliseconds.

The pain wave is slightly longer… 3 hours later I’m still feeling the sting.

But dammit – 6 years out and I should be better by now?

Apparently not.  It’s ok. I misses him. I love him.  I want to share the cool/happy/amazing things that happen with him.

But I wish these things didn’t keep happening.

On another note – I can’t wait to see how the live version of Wheel of Time plays out…