Adventures in Camp Widow Toronto Part 1

So my first day of adventuring to Camp Widow acutally starts the day BEFORE I arrived in Toronto.

It started when I got on a plane in Quesnel, and flew to Vancouver.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

I arrived at 9.30pm, not looking forward to my 10 1/2 hour wait to board the next plane.

After about an hour of blah and meh, I decide to see what the likelihood of me sneaking on a plane BEFORE my scheduled flight was… yanno – just arrive in Toronto in the morning and enjoy the day there.

Yeah.  It wasn’t going to happen.

Not only that… I apparently didn’t have a flight at all.

You see – my mom and I were making this trip together.  We were going to be in Toronto together.   We were going to hang out together.

And a week before the flight out – she blacked out and couldn’t fly/drive or travel in general.

Prior to that, she’d booked her flight using aeroplan miles.   And mine was her companion flight.  Because she needed the escort and accompianment.

Guess what?   You can’t fly without the person you’re escorting.

So I texted my mom.  We made a plans to call Aeroplan at 4am – the office opened at 7am EST.   I headed to the general waiting area, found a place to curl up and with my backpack (not packed very well) under my head and my suitcase handle in hand.. I set my alarm on my phone and tried to sleep.

A note about the alarm on my phone.   It’s set to vibrate twice.  Then play duelling banjos.

I put it between my boobs.

I jumped a friggen foot when it went off at 3.45am.

I think I woke the guy sleeping on the next set of benches.    He got up, wandered to the bathroom area and came back, asking me if I had gotten any sleep (must have, I jumped when the damn alarm went off!!)

We exchanged a small amount of chit-chat and he went back to sleep.

I on the other hand, had a phone call to make.

After almost an hour on the phone… the answer was no.  I could not fly without my mom. We could not transfer my mom’s ticket to me.   And while we COULD cancel both tickets and rebook – I wouldn’t be able to fly for 23 days.    That’s fricken useless.

I had a small mental breakdown, posted on FB that I wasn’t going to be able to fly and that was that… I figured.   My friend Kathy would come pick me up and I’d spend the weekend with her.   Win for me either way.

But an angel came to my rescue and bought my ticket to Toronto.   Seriously.  An angel.  I will pay it back or pay it forward, whichever way the world allows me to.

So at 8am… I was in my seat, taxi’ing towards the runway.   Looking forward to Toronto.  Still in shock that I was actually GOING.

Did you know that when you fly West to East the day is REALLY long?  Like SUPER long?  And that you lose an ENTIRE DAY when you fly that way?

Yeah.   So I arrive 3.30pm.  Get my bags.  Get myself over to international flights.   And meet friends flying in.
(they took FOREVER to get their bags and get out to the waiting area!!!)

And we drive to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory…   which I’ll tell you about tomorrow… because that’s a post in and of itself LOL

camp widow